Our Service Categories:

  1. All kinds of Spare Parts of Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Turbo Charger, Motors, Hydraulic Items, Gyro Compass, Radar etc.
  2. Provisions, Cabin, Salon Stores, Bond Stores, Electrical, Medicines Stores, etc.
  3. Deck/Engine/Electrical Store.
  4. Chipping & Painting Works.
  5. Bunker Supply (MGO, F.O. & Lube Oil)
  6. Watchmen Supply.
  7. Garbage Cleaning.
  8. Purchasing Rejected Goods Contractor.
  9. Discharging Sludge Oil.
  10. Ship Repairing & Motor Rewinding (Our Workshop M.M.D & G.L. Approved).
  11. Own Warehouse of World Flags, Safety Shoes & Boiler Suits.
  12. Gyro Compass, Auto pilot, Navigation Items.
  13. Crane Repairing.
  14. Custom Clearance of Spare Parts.
  15. Safety Items Supplier (LSA & FFA).


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